Members’ payment gateway

Annual membership rates are $10 for any individual. We no longer offer discounts for  LTSU members.

Payment is accepted via PayPal only - we do not accept other payment methods so don't bother asking. :)



You can do this one of two ways - you can either make a once-off PayPal payment (for membership for the current year) or you can set up an automatically-renewing PayPal payment (that will automatically bill you every year and keep your membership renewed).

If you choose to go for the automatic renewal option, you can always cancel it at any time before a renewal has occurred (at the bottom of this page).

Click this button to make a once-off payment (i.e. for a single year's membership):


Or click this button for the automatically-renewing membership option:


If you are currently registered and have your account set up to have membership automatically renewed, and you wish to cancel automatic renewal...

Press this button: PayPal

Note: clicking the above button does not terminate your current membership prematurely; your membership will only lapse if you do not make payment for the next year.