About the Society

The La Trobe University Archaeological Society (LAS) has existed in various forms since 2008 - and there were La Trobe University archaeology-related societies before then. The Society formed in 2008 following encouragement from Associate Professor Susan Lawrence (now an honorary life-time member of the Society) under the name 'La Trobe University Archaeological Social Society'. The Society's committee went into recess in 2011; the Society was reformed in 2012 with a new Constitution and its current name. The Society was also re-affiliated with the La Trobe University Student Union in 2012.

The current Society Constitution can be downloaded as a PDF from here.

The current Society executive committee is as follows:

  • Rodney Hitchcock - President
  • Laura Campbell - Vice President
  • David Hunter - Acting Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster
  • Mathew Turton - Membership Secretary
  • Stephanie Frydas - Student Union Liaison Officer
  • Catherine Harvey - Events Manager
  • Ash Erben - Newsletter editor
  • We are currently looking to appoint a permanent Secretary

The Society runs a variety of events and activities for members, including monthly dinners, movie nights, discussion groups, professional training sessions, trivia nights, heritage site and excavation site tours, lectures... the list goes on. Join the Society to receive invitations!

The Society also has a newsletter, published "every-so-oft" (i.e. whenever there's enough content to warrant publishing one), and members receive emails from the committee on a regular basis.

To join the Society, please click here.