Chris Hadfield book collection/donations

Hi folks,

We've got an exciting announcement: Chris Hadfield, retired Canadian Space Agency astronaut, will receive honorary lifetime membership to the Society.

Earlier this year, Col. Hadfield posted on social media that he was interested in learning more about archaeology. The Society's committee decided it would be a nice gesture to offer him membership to the Society, which he gladly accepted.

The committee are now preparing a welcoming pack for the Colonel, which will include a collection of archaeology-related books. It is our hope to provide a range of books touching on a broad range of sub-disciplines within archaeology.

So, here's the part where we ask you to contribute...

We're looking either for book donations (please send books that are in decent condition only) or money donations (so we can buy specific books to include in the collection). The committee has already committed to paying for some new books and for the postage costs, but it would be better if we can get your help, be it either through a donated book or donated funds.

If you have a book you would like to donate, please email us. If you would like to recommend a specific book for inclusion in the collection, email us via the previous link.

If you would like to donate some money (any amount is fine, even a dollar if that's all you can afford... every dollar helps!), click the following PayPal button:

Thanks for your contribution!

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