Urgent: virtual general meeting

Dear Members,

We need to make a minor change to the Society's Constitution in order to be able to affiliate with the LTSU (and get access to their funding). Our Constitution states that changes to the Constitution may only be made in general meeting. There's not enough time to organise an actual, in-person event (as affiliation documents must be submitted by the 15th May), so instead, we're holding a virtual general meeting. This meeting will be open until noon on the 13th of May (this coming Monday).

Specifically, there was concern that our Constitution would leave the LTSU financially liable should the Society have any debts at the time of its dissolving. Of course, this is a hypothetical situation that we don't anticipate, but it does need to be resolved before we can become affiliated with the LTSU.

So, please check out the proposed revisions to the Constitution. Also relevant to the matter is the LTSU Model Constitution.

Please email me your opinion on the proposed changes or discuss the matter in this forum thread. Please be sure to leave your thoughts be they in favour or in opposition to the proposal.


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