FREE FOOD! Now that I have your attention, the Annual General Meeting has been scheduled.

The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the La Trobe University Archaeological Society (LAS) will be held in the Martin Building Lecture Theatre (at the library-end of the Archaeology corridor) from 4pm on Wednesday, 10th April, 2013.

Pizza will be served for free following the conclusion of the meeting (with cans of soft drink available for a gold coin donation). The location for dinner will depend on the weather - either inside Martin LT if it's raining or at the new shelter between the Martin Building and the Library if the weather is decent.

Please RSVP via the Facebook event so we know how many people to cater for. If you don't have Facebook, email us.

Only current members will have voting rights at the meeting. Only current members are eligible for election to the Executive Committee.

It will not be possible to join the Society at the meeting. All memberships must be purchased prior to the 11am on 9th April 2013 in order to have members' rights at the AGM. Membership can be purchased online here.


The primary purpose of this AGM is to elect a new Executive Committee. We will also need to ratify proposed revisions to the Society’s constitution.


  • The agenda for the AGM can be found here.
  • If you can't attend, you can cast an online vote. This can be done by logging into this website using your membership details, and then going here. Note that online votes will be accepted until 12pm on Tuesday, 9th April (the day before the AGM).
  • Nominations to the Executive Committee can be submitted via the online voting system (see the previous dot-point).
  • As votes are now accepted via the online system, proxy votes will no longer be accepted.


All are welcome to attend (including non-members).

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