Proposed changes to the Society’s Constitution

A few changes have been proposed to the Society's Constitution.

The proposed changes are detailed in this document.

Interested members should comment on this post to register any concerns or comments they may have.

This proposed Constitution is to be ratified at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.


Summary of changes:
1. Removed 4ii/a (which prevented Associate Members of the Society from having voting rights; deleting this section gives these members voting rights at General Meetings).
2. Added 8xi/a (which allows Associate Members of the Society to serve on the Executive Committee).
3. Added 8xii (which specifies that all members of the Executive Committee must provide certain personal details to the Treasurer for the purpose of maintaining the Society's registration with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission/the Australian Taxation Office. This information is required to retain the Society's Australian Business Number).
4. Added 9ii/a (which allows the President to withdraw/deposit funds from/to the Society's bank accounts without having to have another officer to co-sign any bank documents - this is added as it will eliminate logistical problems in accessing funds).
5. Added 9viii (which specifies that the Treasurer or the President are responsible for handling all taxation-related matters).
6. Added 9viii/a (which says that the Society will pay any costs relating to taxation or the administration of financial records).

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One Response to Proposed changes to the Society’s Constitution

  1. David Hunter says:

    To clarify- clause 9ii/a was added because I had issues throughout 2012 where we needed to access funds at last minute due to some unexpected occurrence, and it was impossible to meet with anyone else on the committee. Adding this clause into the Constitution should make future Presidents’ jobs less stressful, to be sure.

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