Kythera Seminar flyer

Upcoming Seminar:

The Laconian dimension of the everyday and religious life on Kythera

Presented by: Aris Tsaravopoulos

3:00 pm, Thursday, 18 June 2015
Martin Building Lecture Theatre
La Trobe University, Melbourne

The archaeological discovery of new sanctuaries of characteristic Laconian deities on the Greek island of Kythera demonstrates the island’s involvement in Laconian life and History.


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2015 Annual General Meeting

Hello Members,

I am announcing the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the La Trobe Archaeological Society for Thursday 21 May at 4.00 PM in Glenn College Seminar 4.

At the AGM we will be voting for the Executive as per our Constitution. The Officers who make up the Executive are as follows:

a. The President

b. The Vice-President

c. The Treasurer

d. The Secretary

e. The Membership Secretary

Also per our constitution nominations to the executive are to be sent in writing within 5 business days of the AGM.

Please note that executive positions will require a good amount of time invested into the role.

I will be in Library Group Study Room 1-14 this Thursday (14 May) from 4.00 PM to answer questions about committee roles.

Best Wishes,

Mathew Turton- Acting President

Inquiries to: or

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Chris Hadfield book collection/donations

Hi folks,

We've got an exciting announcement: Chris Hadfield, retired Canadian Space Agency astronaut, will receive honorary lifetime membership to the Society.

Earlier this year, Col. Hadfield posted on social media that he was interested in learning more about archaeology. The Society's committee decided it would be a nice gesture to offer him membership to the Society, which he gladly accepted.

The committee are now preparing a welcoming pack for the Colonel, which will include a collection of archaeology-related books. It is our hope to provide a range of books touching on a broad range of sub-disciplines within archaeology.

So, here's the part where we ask you to contribute...

We're looking either for book donations (please send books that are in decent condition only) or money donations (so we can buy specific books to include in the collection). The committee has already committed to paying for some new books and for the postage costs, but it would be better if we can get your help, be it either through a donated book or donated funds.

If you have a book you would like to donate, please email us. If you would like to recommend a specific book for inclusion in the collection, email us via the previous link.

If you would like to donate some money (any amount is fine, even a dollar if that's all you can afford... every dollar helps!), click the following PayPal button:

Thanks for your contribution!

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Recent total station training day

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the 17th April, Paul Kajewski of the University provided Total Station training to Society members. Thanks, Paul!

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The Aurora Native Title Internship Program – upcoming summer 2013/14 round

The following arrived in the Society's email inbox earlier today. It may be of interest to members. Please note that the attachment referred to in the email is available via this link: Aurora Internship_summer 2013-14_anthro-ss_flyers -.FINAL



We are pleased to attached a letter outlining the Aurora Native Title Internship Program, including an update on your faculty’s involvement in the Program.We would be grateful if you could assist with the promotion of the upcoming round by posting the attached flyer on your website and/or circulating it to your students and appropriate staff.  The on-line application period for the summer 2013/14 round of internships is from Monday 29th July through Friday 23rd August 2012.  Applications can be submitted via the Aurora website at
The Aurora Native Title Internship Program places law, anthropology and other social science (archaeology, cultural heritage, environmental management,  human geography, history and sociology) students and graduates from Australian universities at Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRBs) and other organisations involved in policy development, social justice and Indigenous affairs.   The program introduces candidates to career opportunities in native title and Indigenous affairs more generally and at the same time provides assistance to under-resourced and over-worked organisations.
Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

I acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, on whose land I work, and pay my respects to their elders past, present and future, and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around Australia.

[Aurora Project]

Mahi Turner
Visit our Indigenous Scholarships website @

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Melbourne Museum – Vertebrate Collection tour

Hey Guys,

We at the La Trobe Arch society have a great opportunity for YOU!!!

This coming Friday the wonderful Jillian Garvey and Dave Pickering will be giving two tours of the vertebrate collections under the Royal Exhibition Building (an area usually off-limits to the general public). We will also be viewing the collections present in the Melbourne Museum itself.

The tours will be held at 11am and 2pm each tour will take round 45 minutes. Please meet Jillian in the foyer of the Museum around 10 minutes before the tour start.

There is only around 10 or so spots available for each tour so those who respond quickest will get a spot. Please email me at what time you would like. Good luck everybody this is a great opportunity to see behind the scenes of the Melbourne Museum.

--Steph Cocks, Vice President

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Urgent: virtual general meeting

Dear Members,

We need to make a minor change to the Society's Constitution in order to be able to affiliate with the LTSU (and get access to their funding). Our Constitution states that changes to the Constitution may only be made in general meeting. There's not enough time to organise an actual, in-person event (as affiliation documents must be submitted by the 15th May), so instead, we're holding a virtual general meeting. This meeting will be open until noon on the 13th of May (this coming Monday).

Specifically, there was concern that our Constitution would leave the LTSU financially liable should the Society have any debts at the time of its dissolving. Of course, this is a hypothetical situation that we don't anticipate, but it does need to be resolved before we can become affiliated with the LTSU.

So, please check out the proposed revisions to the Constitution. Also relevant to the matter is the LTSU Model Constitution.

Please email me your opinion on the proposed changes or discuss the matter in this forum thread. Please be sure to leave your thoughts be they in favour or in opposition to the proposal.


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